Label Connector

For Use with Intuit QuickBooks Online Edition


Get your labels done quickly and accurately

Use Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates, Purchase Orders , and Items to print your Labels. 

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Our Bold New interface now supports Invoices, Estimates, Sales receipts, Purchase Orders and Items

Watch our demo video.  Print large amounts of labels with one click!

Leverage the data you already have in QuickBooks Online Edition

Avoid re-keying into separate Label programs where mistakes and mis-labeling can easily occur.

Use may order types: Invoice, Estimates, Sales Receipts, Purchase Orders, or Item list to drive Label printing

Supported Data Elements include: Complete Shipping Address from Invoice,  QuickBooks Item, QuickBooks description, SKU , Sales Price, Invoice Number, Customer Name, Purchasing Information value from Item, Item Quantity on Invoice, and any Static Data.  Word wrapping supported.  4 types of Barcodes supported.

Works with Any label printer!

You can now use ANY label printer with a windows driver.  Our new 2018 version prints labels as PDF’s.  Easy to set up and configure.

Enter your Order Number or Part number

Pull Up Order Data

Print one item or unleash entire orders labels

Print huge batches of Labels or print just 1.

Print this to Any label printer

Design any size Label for your thermal label printer


Use Barcodes , text or Logos ( for some modes)


Create Barcodes for scanning

Get your data from the cloud to your label printer quickly and easily.


Provide us with your layout and we can create your template

Special requests can be accomodated