Label Connector for QuickBooks  online Support  and Downloads


Can we call Accuware to get help setting up my Trial for Label Connector?

Please give us a call at 630- 858-8410.  We can arrange a remote session to set up the Label Connector system for you!  We think the system is simple to use , but you may require 1 or 2 tips to get it configured properly.  Most users understand the system easily once we help you.

What is the Quickest way to Access Label Connector for QuickBooks Online edition?

Log in Here:  Link to our App

What printers work with Label Connector ?

Accuware 4 Barcode printer, Zebra Printers, Dymo printers and many more!

How does the Batch print utility work?

This is a Windows only app that you can download and then select it on your desktop   ( one time)  and it will run in your tray, ( near the clock) .  You will need to adjust the settings to direct printing to your Label printer.

Is Label Connector only for PC not MAC?

Label Connector is optomized for Windows Opperating system.  The Batch print utility is a Windows only App.

Label Designer: Why do my Labels print out with the wrong Scaling?

Please make sure to set the page size in your Windows printer driver top the correct Label page size. ( see the video below ” Installing and configuring your printer driver”)

Can I use my Label printer with this system?

 Yes.  We do require a Label style printer.  Page based labels  ( on 8.5 x 11 sheets)  will not work properly.  Labels on Rolls or fanfold will work properly.

What are the Basic steps to get the system operating?

What are the Basic steps to get the system operating?   Pick the mode you want to use ( Sales receipts, Invoices or Item list) , Design your Label in our designer, then query for the data from QuickBooks and print.  ( Batch print utility can have 1 or 2 helpful hints from our team over the phone to make it operate. )  ( Support video here in the batch print utility  )


Support Video’s  ( below)  Enlarge the video by selecting the “You Tube”  Icon in the video.

Locating Our App to get started

where is the app and how do I get there? 

Overview of QuickBooks Label Connector for QuickBooks Online edition

Using Batch Print Utility:  Print all your items in one job


Installing and Configuring your Thermal printer driver