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Advanced IT services and Barcode related expertise

QuickBooks Related IT services ,

Installation of QuickBooks, QuickBooks related Barcode configuration, Data Back up Solutions, Remote Access to QuickBooks Solutions.

Web developement, and Desktop development

Website development as well as specialized versions of our Inventory management software.  We can tailor any of our standard web based products to suit your needs.

QuickBooks Software expertise

Our expertise with QuickBooks API gives us the knowledge to create your special function , report, or inventory related functionality. Give a call to see if we can provide that time saving function to save you wasted hours for your business.

General IT services ,

Network Administration, software installation and configuration, PC’s , Servers , Printers.


Barcode expertise since 1991

We know barcodes. Trying to get started using barcodes? We can help.  We are familiar with most solutions used to get started with barcodes. We can also solve many of your barcode related business problems with one of our barcode related software solutions. We have many years experience providing barcode related equipment.

Thermal Printer Expertise

Mobility and Wireless expertise

We can recommend , sell, and configure most of the leading brands of Mobile computers used for Barcoding.  Many of our software solutions have been deployed with most of the top wireless mobility devices. We have deployed Wifi systems in industrial environments.

Let us tackle your productivity issues

End to End Functionality

From original user request for inventory to final consumption.  Our functions keep it simple to ensure adoption by your staff.

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Create Requisitions

Users can request medical supplies to be moved to their usage areas

Move Supplies

Move Supplies by scanning or entering UPC, NDC or Tracking ID

Dispense Medications

Supplies and Medications can be consumed either by the full container or by the dosage amount. 

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Accuware is very experienced at connecting our Inventory Tool to other applications within your enterprise to help automate your Inventory Management