Bartender Labeling Software

BarTender® software enables organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance by creating and automating the printing and control of labels

Powerful design with Intelligent Templates

BarTender’s exclusive Intelligent Templates™ enable companies to produce a wide variety of flexible label designs without the need to create and maintain hundreds of separate documents.

Barcode and label software with unparalleled symbology support

BarTender includes more than 400 preformatted, ready-to-use barcode components and 60 symbologies as well as full support for GS1 standards.

BarTender works great both “stand-alone” and integrated with other software.

BarTender enables large enterprises to centrally operate, monitor, manage and secure their printing operations across multiple sites and even continents. BarTender supports permission-based printing, format encryption, job logging and system auditing.

Printing from any device or browser

BarTender Print Portal enables easy point-and- click printing from any device with a browser, including tablets and smartphones.

Print-time information capture

Every edition of BarTender enables you to design intuitive and efficient forms for entering data at print-time, without the need for costly add-ons. BarTender also supports the print-time capture of images and weigh scale data in some editions.

Advanced card design and printing tools

BarTender enables you to design and print two-sided cards, including magnetic stripe and smart card encoding.

25 years experience with Bartender

Powerful Programmers SDK

Bartender has always maintained and support a powerful capability for other programs to integrate with its application.  This enables the power of Bartender to be merged with different types of specialized applications to have you unique requirements. Talk to Accuware today if you have a need for Barcode Label printing when driven from other applications or ERP data.

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Easy to integrate

.Net SDK makes it easy to integrate Bartender. Accuware is a Microsoft partner. We can make Bartender function along with front end applications that use your business logic.

Works with QuickBooks

Accuware already has integrations between Bartender and QuickBooks.  You can leverage your existing QuickBooks data , and make it work with complex labels.

Powerful Programmers toolset

There are multiple avenues to chose when integrating with Bartender. Drop files to trigger printing with commander, use Integration manager, command line control, and API’s.

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